Elevator rental

We have elevating platforms

We have elevating platforms

Mudanzas Lepanto has different lifting platforms especially suitable for lifting furniture, appliances, household goods, glass, panels and other bulky materials to a height of up to 31 meters (10 floors).

The Mudanzas Lepanto elevators (also called “moving cranes” , “elevamuebles” , “mounts furniture “ or ” furniture cranes “), are useful for quickly and safely moving items in a move that cannot be up or down stairs or elevators.
We have several lifts, with different load systems and maximum lifting heights:

  • Platform on trailer: Suitable for very narrow streets and can be installed on small sidewalks, ideal for the old town. Up to 31 meters high.
  • Platform on truck / pick-up: Up to 26 meters high with load capacity up to 250 kgs.
  • Detachable platform in sections: Special for small sites, light patios, narrow and complicated entrances.


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    Mudanzas Lepanto offers this service to individuals and professionals of all fields, always offering the service with a specialist machine operator. It is very useful to go up or down:

    • Furniture
    • Appliances
    • Rubble and masonry elements
    • Pladur and construction materials
    • Windows and glass
    • Doors and panels
    • etc.

    Our range of aerial platforms ranges from small indoor elevators, towed platforms, to large truck platforms, reaching up to 10 stories high. In addition, Mudanzas Lepanto can offer you additional services such as:

    • Management of occupancy permits and parking reservation.
    • Debris from premises, homes, etc. as long as the rubble is bagged.
    • Transportation of rubble to the landfill.
    • Possibility for the crane operator to act as a loader, saving an operator.
    • Transport of material to destination.

    Associations and Official Federations of Removals to which we are attached