Small removals at the best price

Small removals at the best price

Do you have to carry out the transfer of an appliance or piece of furniture? At Mudanzas Lepanto we have a service to take care of this type of work. Our company, a leader in Removals , offers a fast and efficient service to transport any appliance or piece of furniture in a totally professional way.

A Mini Removal differs from a Removal , because it is not about moving all the furniture from a home or office to another place, but rather about moving a piece of furniture or furniture set.

We are also talking about a mini move or small move , when one of our clients requires that we move part of their “belongings” to a new address, since they will move their home in a punctual.


    If you would like a quote for a move of any kind, we will send you a quote.





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    Carrying out a transfer is a tough and difficult task, having a team behind all this process is essential and necessary, since it takes care of all the work and allows you to worry about other important factors also during the move. At Mudanzas Lepanto we make it easier than ever for you, since we are a leading company in the sector and we have professional transporters who will help you carry out this process.

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